Difference Between Flat Rate and Standard Shipping

In eCommerce logistics[1], the type of shipping and related costs play an essential role in the overall delivery process. In this context, both sellers and customers need to have a fair idea about shipping, their features, and other factors that need to be analyzed. There are two major types – standard shipping and flat rate shipping when we talk about shipping methods. What exactly are the differences between the two, and how will you distinguish between them? Read on to gather a more precise idea.

Flat rate and standard shippingFlat rate and standard shipping

What do You Mean by Flat Rate and Standard Rate Shipping?

Flat Rate Shipping: It denotes a regular shipping rate applicable for all types of shipping boxes and packages[2], irrespective of the weight, size, and other dimensions.

Standard Rate Shipping: It denotes that the rate of the shipping[3] differs according to the weight, size, and other related dimensions of the box or the package.

How Can You Differentiate Between Flat Rate and Standard Rate Shipping?

Essentially, both flat rate and standard shipping are pricing strategies for shipping your orders. You can provide a flat shipping rate to your buyers for every zone or a particular weight slab or give them a standard shipping rate that can vary within a zone, too, and is decided according to different factors. 

In the case of a flat rate, it merely means that you can ship any item at the same price, usually within zones. In most cases, this price is calculated and set by the eCommerce site itself following its shipping partner[4].  The flat rate shipping method is based according to different shipping zones. For example, the flat rates may differ according to the location and the zone where the item needs to be shipped.

For within city shipments, all customers will pay a single shipping price, no matter their number. As a result, this form of shipping is ideal if you need to deliver to an address that falls within a particular zone closer to your business. Or if you have regular customers that come from specific zones. In flat rate shipping, there is a predetermined delivery time that cannot be altered.

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