IKEA Canada Just Launched New Shipping Options & They’re Super Affordable!

IKEA Canada just launched some affordable new shipping options[1] designed to accommodate the busy, on-the-go shopper (read: basically everyone). Starting today, customers can now enjoy IKEA’s Click & Collect service nationwide for a flat rate of $5, down from the original fee of $20. That means you can buy your next BILLY bookshelf online and have it set aside for your at any of their 14 stores across Canada at your convenience — all without breaking the bank. 

The lower Click & Collect fee is part of IKEA’s overall plan to improve the flexibility and affordability of their services. That means the new shipping changes also include a lower fee for Canada-wide home delivery — now starting at $7.99, their lowest rate yet. 

According to the latest press release, IKEA Canada president Micha Ward said, “Introducing new services and making our existing offer more affordable enables IKEA to better meet our time-strapped customers’ needs in a fast-changing retail landscape.” 

With all that added convenience for super cheap, you can actually afford to use some of that extra cash to hire someone who can build your newly purchased IKEA furniture for you.

Conveniently, IKEA has a service for that too. If you live in Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton or Calgary — you can use IKEA’s in-house TaskRabbit service to book a builder to assemble your stuff whenever and wherever is most convenient for you.

IKEA Canada also plans to expand their TaskRabbit flat-rate service further across the country, starting with Ottawa and Halifax by the end of August. 

So what else is new at IKEA Canada? Good news for anyone looking to incorporate a tad more sustainability in your life — IKEA has renewed their commitment to sustainability[2] by confirming plans to become a “fully circular business by 2030.”

Current plans include enhancing their IKEA sell-back program to recycle gently-used items. They also announced a new partnership with Habitat for Humanity Canada to both serve the community and help reduce the amonut of their products that end up in landfills. 

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