Shipping Savings: TrueShip’s Flat Rate Select Discount Shipping Option Now Comes with ReadyShipper

TrueShip shipping software is pleased to announce that their signature discount shipping option, Flat Rate Select, now comes with every single copy of ReadyShipper as a complementary inclusion.

Press Release

updated: Sep 3, 2014

TrueShip ([1]), is pleased to announce that they are now including their popular discount shipping option, Flat Rate Select, with all copies of ReadyShipper shipping software.

Flat Rate Select ties eCommerce shopkeepers into the very best rates on USPS Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express. For online stores that ship smaller, heavier items, the discounts offered by Flat Rate Select can potentially save them a lot of money in the long run.

Via TrueShip’s longstanding partnership with Express 1, they are now able to offer a complementary Express 1 subscription, good with every active copy of ReadyShipper. Express 1 ties consumers into the cost savings offered by Commercial Plus pricing with the USPS, the lowest possible bulk rate for Priority Mail shipments.

According to recent studies, shipping prices will ultimately dictate sales. Over 70% of all customers polled, in ongoing surveys, have stated that the cost of shipping determines whether or not they make a sale. Low cost shipping prices are directly linked with reduced shopping cart abandonment rates.

Now subscribers of ReadyShipper shipping solutions software[2] can offer a competitive shipping rate with a fast one-to-three day delivery window for their online customers to help improve sales. Flat Rate Select comes at no added charge with ReadyShipper. Users only pay for the discount postage that they use.

“We are thrilled to be able to help our users save more money off their shipping costs by getting them connected to discount shipping options with Flat Rate Select,” said Daniel Koernke, President of Sales. “This unique offering can help our users save more money and offer their customers better shipping costs so they can encourage more sales.”

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